Gluten-free Pumpkin Bread and a Baby

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I used a loaf pan with a pumpkin form on top but the pics don't do it justice.

This Friday morning started off with an absolutely delicious piece of Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread, a big cup of coffee followed by a Doctors visit that said Baby Baron is 100% ready to make his appearance into this world. Since my Doctor believes in letting the baby arrive in his own due time, we were sent home to finish up any last minute things we have to do (like packing my bag for the hospital, yes, my denial of this event has to come to an end) and wait. I know this waiting game could last a while, so I’m very thankful that Baby Baron let me make this amazing Pumpkin Bread yesterday. Pumpkin is my number one fall desire and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. Wish me luck if Baby decides to come this weekend! If not, I’ll see ya’ll on Monday.

I used Arrowhead Mills Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Mix instead of regular flour. I absolutely love this mix and the results it gives me.


Falling For Fur

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Well, it’s that time again ladies! Fall is here with its cool crisp mornings and earlier sunsets (and we cannot forget Pumpkin Spiced Lattes). What better way to enjoy this season than with a faux fur accessory. Anyone who knows me knows I’m completely gaga for faux fur (as seen here) and it seems that this year is no exception. I can’t wait to add a few more faux fur pieces to my collection. Once little Baby makes his grand entrance I’ll be rocking a faux fur vest or jacket with wide leg jeans and a platform bootie. Too much with a little one? Who cares, it’s going to be MAH-JOR! Here are a few cool picks that I’ve found and I think you will agree that they are completely fabulous.

Vest from H&M

MICHAEL Michael Kors Faux Coyote Cropped Jacket

Jacket from H&M

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent "Arizona" faux fur Vest



Fingers for Fall Part II

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After posting the latest Fall nail trends last week, I decided to give you all a simple tutorial on an updated manicure using the reverse half moon and diagonal color blocking techniques. All you need are two complimentary nail colors, tape, binder reinforcements and base/top coat. I painted three of my fingers on each hand in “Mezmerised” by Essie and my ring and pinky fingers in “Gold Coin” by Revlon.

Once polish is completely dry (I waited a good twenty minutes), I placed a strip of tape on my ring fingers diagonally and a binder reinforcer at the base of my pinky fingernail. Paint the upper half of your nail with the darker color you are using and make this top layer of polish thick so you only have to do one coat. When polish has dried, slowly remove tape and binder reinforcer and give nails a clear top coat. Simple, easy and totally chic! This gives your nails a quick Fall Fashion update in no time at all.

Pumpkins, and Witches and Ghosts, Oh My!

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Yesterday was the first day it finally felt like fall in my neck of the woods. As my hubby was busy watching football I decided to pull out all of my fall decorations and get the holiday transition started. I don’t decorate for Halloween as much as I do for the entire Fall/Harvest season. This way, I find I can leave my decorations out longer and they transition beautifully for Thanksgiving. I’m very grateful for this since I’m sure we will have a houseful this year for Thanksgiving with the arrival of Baby Baron. As I put out my many different candy dishes and pumpkin decorations, I decided that I need to add a little extra flare this year. I went straight to the craft lady herself, Martha Stewart for inspiration. After browsing through her fall craft/decorating ideas I have decided I need to embellish a few pumpkins with glitter and shine. I made the glitter pumpkins a few years back and since they were incredibly easy I’m going to give them a whirl again. Check out all the other ideas Martha has this year to decorate your home. I’m sure you’ll find something to fit your style.

* All images courtesy of

Fingers for Fall

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Since today is officially the first day of Fall I thought I would write a post to keep all of us fashionistas on trend. If you’re a gal on a budget (like myself) the easiest way to make this transition is with nail polish. Now I know polish can get a little steep for the good stuff but if you take the time to paint your nails and let them dry, with a top/base coat, any polish will hold up (trust me, patience is a must when it comes to a good at-home manicure) . Some of the most popular trends right now are Metallics/Gunmetals, any shade of Green, Nudes, Deep Blues and Lilacs. I’m really embracing the Metallics and Green shades at the moment. Here are a few pictures for inspiration.

Essie's Brand New Bag Collection

*All images from

Zucchini Cakes

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Image source:

My In-laws recently gave me a plethora of zucchini from their garden and I have been experimenting with it on a daily basis. My first instinct was to make a more traditional zucchini bread. I made four loaves (using this recipe). I planned on freezing a few of the loaves for when Baby Baron arrives but only two made it to the freezer, oops! Zucchini bread really hits the spot on a cool fall morning with a big cup of coffee; it’s one of my weaknesses.

Since I still had plenty of zucchini to work with I searched the blogosphere and  came across this recipe for Chocolate Chocolate Chip Zucchini Cake. Now, who doesn’t love an abundance of chocolate in their bread? The cake/bread turned out flavorful, moist and definitely satisfied my chocolate craving. Since zucchini is everywhere right now, what recipes will you be trying out? Next up, I think I’ll try making Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Zucchini Cookies and take them to share with some friends. Let’s be honest, this pregnant girl doesn’t need to be eating ALL the treats she makes.

Image Source:

* I adapted both recipes to be gluten free by using Arrowhead Mills Gluten Free All Purpose flour

Daily Mantra

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Sparkle! Could there be a better word to describe life and living? I’m a huge advocate of surrounding yourself with and filling your home/personal space with things you love and make you smile. This word pillow from Jonathan Adler hits the nail on the head. I’m coveting this pillow with all my heart. There is nothing better than opening your sleepy eyes in the morning and being reminded to SPARKLE! What’s your mantra for life? Have a fantastic hump day and don’t forget to let your light shine and sparkle.

PS-Happy Birthday to the most fabulous woman I know, my mom! Love you with all my heart. xoxo

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