Fall Favorites

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This past Labor Day Weekend was spend hanging with friends and over indulging to the max! Nothing is better than living life to its fullest and taking advantage of every last bit of sunshine but there is also a sweet nostalgia that comes with the end of summer. As the days grow shorter and that crisp fall air arrives I get excited for the things to come.

One of my favorite and most simple pleasures for fall is getting to use my dark nail polishes again. I love me a pop of pink or orange as much as the next girl but I feel more like my true self once my little finger tips embrace a darker hue. I adore dark polishes so much so that I had a manicure done with OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark right before I gave birth to my son and I must say it really glammed up that fashionable hospital gown.

While out shopping with a friend this past weekend, I came across OPI’s My Private Jet. Once I got home, I immediately gave my fingers a polish change and I can safely say that this will be my “go to” color for the next month or so. This color has a dark base with a soft sparkle throughout, making it a perfect transition color from summer to fall.

*photo from: polish insomniac



The Spirit of Christmas

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I saw this online and immediately wanted to share it with everyone. This Christmas wish embodies the true meaning of the season.

Max is an 8 year old boy from Pennsylvania battling Leukemia. He won’t make it home for Christmas and his one wish? To receive 1,000,000 Christmas Cards in the mail.

If you would like to send him a card and help make his wish come true, you can do so at the below address. It’s the little things that make this season bright.

Hailey Remish
Attn: Max
417 Jones Street
Belle Vernon, PA

2 Months and Growing!

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It’s official, I’m 2 months old!  Time has gone by so quickly and every day is a new adventure. I’ve gotten to experience so many cool new things this past month. Both of my parents celebrated birthdays, Halloween happened, I finally got to meet my uncles Jarod and Dustin and I got to spend Thanksgiving with my Papa and Gigi.  I must say Thanksgiving was a blast and it helped me put on some LBs (here I am from last month). I’ve decided that life is extra wonderful when I sleep a little longer for mommy and smile at her and daddy. It’s the little things I do that make them so happy; they’re pretty easy to please. I have to be extra good these next couple of weeks because Santa is coming (I went and saw him the other day, I’ll show you my pic when mommy picks it up). One of my favorite things to do right now is lounge in my vibrating chair by the fireplace and enjoy the lights on the Christmas tree. Well mommy says I need to get off the computer and go take a bath. When daddy comes home, he’ll let me back on so stay posted and I’ll keep you updated on all my happenings.  Bye for now.


My uncles (Jarod and Dustin) were so fun. I can’t wait to see them again. I hear I get to go to Texas in January and see my Uncle Dustin get married to a real hottie (Christina Taylor).

Gigi made us take so many pictures and I just couldn’t stay awake for them all.  I must say, even though I’m asleep I still make the picture  look good.

My daddy is so silly!


Creative Coffee

November 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

Adding individual pieces to my home that give it a little bit of character is important to me. I like my home to represent ME and not just big box stores. Since my style is more eclectic, I am always looking for inexpensive ways to change things up. I came up with the most simple craft that is quick, easy and inexpensive. Visiting my local Goodwill, I picked up a few white coffee cups for only $.25 each (what a steal). With some paint and creativity, I added a simple design to the cups. Voila, I turned plain into pretty in under a minute. These items will also make amazing hostess gifts for all the Holiday parties coming up. It will be fun to put a personalized touch on the cups that I give away. There is nothing better than giving a gift that has your own added special flare.

I couldn't resist showing off my little man.

Have a fantastic weekend and don’t forget to treat yourself to something special.

Along came a Baby

October 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

Cash Anthony Baron

Well, it’s official, little Baby Baron finally made his arrival! Cash Anthony Baron was born on October 5th and has been mesmerizing me ever since. These past few weeks have flown by with tons of baby cuddling and visitors. It’s absolutely amazing how this little man has changed my world upside down for the better. I may actually have to let go of some of my obsessions and become obsessed with a whole new life.

I had been told by other mothers that there is nothing quite as special as giving birth to your child and having your world change; they are completely right. My priorities have shifted (but don’t worry, I’ll still make time for postings). Stay tuned for more updates on Cash but as for now I need to go and love on my little baby boy!

Falling For Fur

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Well, it’s that time again ladies! Fall is here with its cool crisp mornings and earlier sunsets (and we cannot forget Pumpkin Spiced Lattes). What better way to enjoy this season than with a faux fur accessory. Anyone who knows me knows I’m completely gaga for faux fur (as seen here) and it seems that this year is no exception. I can’t wait to add a few more faux fur pieces to my collection. Once little Baby makes his grand entrance I’ll be rocking a faux fur vest or jacket with wide leg jeans and a platform bootie. Too much with a little one? Who cares, it’s going to be MAH-JOR! Here are a few cool picks that I’ve found and I think you will agree that they are completely fabulous.

Vest from H&M

MICHAEL Michael Kors Faux Coyote Cropped Jacket

Jacket from H&M

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent "Arizona" faux fur Vest



Fingers for Fall Part II

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After posting the latest Fall nail trends last week, I decided to give you all a simple tutorial on an updated manicure using the reverse half moon and diagonal color blocking techniques. All you need are two complimentary nail colors, tape, binder reinforcements and base/top coat. I painted three of my fingers on each hand in “Mezmerised” by Essie and my ring and pinky fingers in “Gold Coin” by Revlon.

Once polish is completely dry (I waited a good twenty minutes), I placed a strip of tape on my ring fingers diagonally and a binder reinforcer at the base of my pinky fingernail. Paint the upper half of your nail with the darker color you are using and make this top layer of polish thick so you only have to do one coat. When polish has dried, slowly remove tape and binder reinforcer and give nails a clear top coat. Simple, easy and totally chic! This gives your nails a quick Fall Fashion update in no time at all.

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