Fall Favorites

September 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

This past Labor Day Weekend was spend hanging with friends and over indulging to the max! Nothing is better than living life to its fullest and taking advantage of every last bit of sunshine but there is also a sweet nostalgia that comes with the end of summer. As the days grow shorter and that crisp fall air arrives I get excited for the things to come.

One of my favorite and most simple pleasures for fall is getting to use my dark nail polishes again. I love me a pop of pink or orange as much as the next girl but I feel more like my true self once my little finger tips embrace a darker hue. I adore dark polishes so much so that I had a manicure done with OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark right before I gave birth to my son and I must say it really glammed up that fashionable hospital gown.

While out shopping with a friend this past weekend, I came across OPI’s My Private Jet. Once I got home, I immediately gave my fingers a polish change and I can safely say that this will be my “go to” color for the next month or so. This color has a dark base with a soft sparkle throughout, making it a perfect transition color from summer to fall.

*photo from: polish insomniac



Fingers for Fall Part II

September 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

After posting the latest Fall nail trends last week, I decided to give you all a simple tutorial on an updated manicure using the reverse half moon and diagonal color blocking techniques. All you need are two complimentary nail colors, tape, binder reinforcements and base/top coat. I painted three of my fingers on each hand in “Mezmerised” by Essie and my ring and pinky fingers in “Gold Coin” by Revlon.

Once polish is completely dry (I waited a good twenty minutes), I placed a strip of tape on my ring fingers diagonally and a binder reinforcer at the base of my pinky fingernail. Paint the upper half of your nail with the darker color you are using and make this top layer of polish thick so you only have to do one coat. When polish has dried, slowly remove tape and binder reinforcer and give nails a clear top coat. Simple, easy and totally chic! This gives your nails a quick Fall Fashion update in no time at all.

Twice the Fun!

February 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

I saw this darling manicure over at The Cherry Blossom Girl blog and rushed right out to get the few things I needed to do it myself. As I have mentioned before, I adore painted tips and this twist on a french manicure was too cute to pass up. All you need to do this yourself is: base coat, top coat, two contrasting nail colors and reinforcement labels (you will find them in the office section of any store). Start by prepping nails for polish (trim, shape and swipe with nail polish remover to make sure nails are clean). Apply base coat, followed by the color you would like to be seen closes to the cuticle. Once dry, cut labels in half and apply to the base of your nail bed creating a half moon shape. When stickers are secured on your nails, apple the second nail color, painting right over the edge of the sticker. After the second color has had time to dry, remove stickers and finish nails off with top coat. It’s really that simple.

I used OPI’s Black Cherry Chutney and Revlon’s Gold Coin.


Good ol’ Standby

January 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

I absolutely adore having my fingernails painted. It’s something I’ve enjoyed since my early teens and must say I have gotten quite good at it. Because of my affinity for painted finger tips, I’m pretty hard to please when it comes to getting a manicure and therefore prefer to paint them myself (but I’m still human and totally enjoy pampering myself every once in awhile with a mani/pedi). When I don’t have big plans coming up or a special outfit to wear I like to choose a color that works for almost everything in my closet and that color is “You don’t know Jacques” by OPI (pictured on the left). This color takes me through any season and is a welcome accessory to any outfit. While out purchasing a new bottle of my favorite must-have, I recently found an awesome substitute that is long lasting and easy on my wallet, score! “Steel Grey” by Rimmel London (pictured on the right), this color does the trick and I was able to find it a my local drugstore. What’s your go-to color?

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