Adding a bit of Flair

March 7, 2011 § Leave a comment


Jeans are one of the most American fashion trends that exist. Through the decades styles have varied, but the one constant known to Americans is the good ole’ saying: “what goes around, comes around”. Skinny jeans kept 2010 on the cutting edge with the “jegging” and now “70’s -style” jeans are taking 2011 over the edge. Now, don’t toss your “jeggings” out with the bath water, they are still making a strong stand and look great cuffed at the ankle with a wedge or gladiator sandal, but when your ankles are in need of a little breathing room check out some jeans with flare. I recently purchased a pair of Gap “1969 Super Flare” jeans and can’t wait to wear them with a flowy top, long layered necklaces and a pair of espadrilles.



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