Date Night, Skate Night

December 14, 2010 § 1 Comment

My Fancy Rental Skates


One of my fondest memories of growing up in Canada was having the privilege of living within walking distance from the outdoor community skate rink. Following the first night the temperature would dip below freezing, all the neighborhood kids would walk to the community center and see if the rink had been filled and if the ice had frozen over. Looking back, it definitely wasn’t luxurious. The ice rink always had a little bit of snow on it and became bumpy and rough after the first week of the local boys hockey team beating on it. Nonetheless, it was something I looked forward to every year and decided it was time to share this fun with my husband and friends.

With some convincing, I was able to get my husband and some friends to go to an indoor skate rink this past weekend and enjoy some ice skating under black lights and top 40 hits. I wasn’t expecting the disco lights but it added a fun element and made everyone look like professional figure skaters. My husband’s booty only came in contact with the ice once (which gave me such a good laugh I almost peed my pants). It was a date night for the history books and a great way to celebrate the Holidays.

Lacin' up the skates



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