September 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

With the summer days coming to a close I get a little nostalgic knowing that winter and gloom will last the majority of the year here in Western Washington. On the bright side of things, my ultimate guilty pleasure has returned and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m not 100% proud to say that this guilty pleasure is tired to watching TV, as I like to be active and choose activities that actually stimulate learning and growth but everyone has to have one weakness, right?!? With that said, I absolutely heart The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo TV and Tuesday nights can’t seem to come fast enough.

Anyone who knows me would totally understand my obsession with Zoe. She’s successful, business savvy, has and impeccable eye for fashion and to top it off she recently had a baby (a little boy, see any similarities, wink, wink) . These are just a few of the things I use to justify my weakness to my uber-smart husband (who checks every morning because he feels it is VERY important to be informed on worldly events and would probably link fashion and reality TV in the gossip column, boo). I am proud to say that I don’t have many guilty pleasures that draw me to our TV but everyone has a weakness or two and this just happens to be mine.

I know many of you out there share the same affinity for reality TV, so check out Zoe and enjoy it to its fullest. What’s life without a little fun or fashion for that matter? Guilt on all my fashionista friends and have a wonderful week.

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  • bravoerunway says:

    Ahhh Another R. Zoe fan! I absolutely love her, she has impeccable taste and everything always looks perfect on her! I love her fashion line as well as what she did for the everyday person at QVC!

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