Soon to be Fall Favorites

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Nordstrom headband/turbin, A Pea in the Pod tanks, Nordstrom leggings, AE moccasins, Michael Kors watch, gifted necklace, Forever 21 bracelets, Essie polish in "Peach Daiquiri"

The other night some close friends of ours invited us over for a movie under the stars. My girlfriend had borrowed a projector and they showed a movie off the side of their house (thanks for such a great time J&K). The weather couldn’t have been more cooperative; but I still chose to wear something a little warmer (and something I’ve been dying to wear but waiting for a cooler weather moment). My two current obsessions are a leopard headband I just got and a pair of ankle grazing moccasins. Both are going to be easy to add to many of the items I already have in my closet. I can’t wait to rock the headband with a basic boy-cut blazer and the moccasins will be a great addition to skinny jeans or leggings and a sweater. Since our little baby isn’t due for seven more weeks I’m being very picky about my fall purchases. First thing on my list to get after baby arrives is mid-calf moccasins with three tears of fringe (sadly, my calves are currently a little to full to get them on but my mom modeled them for me and they are GORGE!). What is on your fall shopping wish list?

PS-My pooch always likes to steal the spotlight!


Warm Nights, Cool Eats

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This past weekend  we were blessed with warm summer weather, finally. The sun was out and the last thing I felt like doing was cooking in my warm house. Instead, I decided to have my husband fire up the grill. To go along with our main course I made Creamy Gazpacho (recipe here) with Focaccia bread as an appetizer. As you all know, I am gluten free so instead of using traditional focaccia bread, I used a herbed pizza crust from a local bakery in Yakima, WA and grilled it for a few seconds on each side to warm it through. I stopped in at a local fruit stand to purchase all the ingredients. Everything was so amazingly fresh and the cold soup totaly hit the spot. It was incredibly easy to make and I think I will try it again at the next dinner party I have. This would be so darling served in little shot glasses with a dash of hot sauce.



Rockin’ the Bump

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Being pregnant has opened my eyes to a whole new world of fashion. Unfortunately, that world does not give me access to Victoria Beckham’s closet. Not only does my back hurt doing basic things like putting pants on one leg at a time, it also makes finding pants that actually fit quite difficult. I’ve been very blessed to have an extraordinarily healthy pregnancy and not gain weight too quickly. This has been both good and bad. It has taken almost seven months for me to fit into maternity clothes (which makes me feel great) but on the flip side, my regular clothes are definitely not as flattering as they once were.

I wanted to share some clothing tips and purchases that I have really loved throughout my pregnancy and personally couldn’t live without. Here are a few investments I would recommend to anyone who is pregnant or planning on getting pregnant. 1. Leggings are a pregnant gals best friend. Make sure to invest in a good thick pair, they will last much longer. 2. Purchase a few body hugging tanks and tees. Even though your belly is growing and you may feel as big as a house, a good quality tank/tee will hold up, look sharp and go with everything. 3. Sundresses will become your best friend if you are pregnant in the summer. I have been able to find cute sun dresses both long and short at places like H&M, Forever 21, Target, Macy’s and Nordstrom that have been affordable and make me feel very stylist. 4. Lastly, I recommend investing in one good pair of Jeans. I recently purchased a paid or Paige jeans that are a slim boot cut, dark wash with no extra detailing. They cost a little bit more but go with absolutely everything and make me feel good about myself when my friends want to get together and head out on the town. A Pea in the Pod has been my go-to for maternity fashion thus far. If all else fails when getting dressed you can always turn to stylish accessories. You can rock your bump with a great pair of heels, sunnies and handbag. We may not all be as lucky as Victoria to have our own design label and unlimited funds but with the help of friends and sharing tips we can all look just a hot as her throughout pregnancy.

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Summer Favorite

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My mom went berry picking the other day and I was lucky enough to have her share some amazingly fresh blueberries with me (thanks again Mom, I am putting them to good use). A ton of recipes went through my head as I tried to decided what to make with them, but I kept going back to some sort of crisp. With the help of my husband I settled on making a Blueberry and Peach Crisp (I used this recipe) and was completely satisfied with the results. There is nothing better than a dessert that requires few steps,  made with fresh ingredients and ready to eat in under an hour. Next up for the blueberries is homemade scones. I can’t wait to enjoy a Blueberry Scone, cup of coffee and a beautiful sunrise.

*I omitted boiling and pealing the peaches and my crisp turned out fantastic!

Nursery Part II

August 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

A few weeks ago I posted the beginning of our Nursery transformation (seen here). We started with a blank canvas and I am happy to say that things are coming along nicely. I am extremely happy with my choice of wall color and the finished result of the crib has put me over-the-edge with excitement and anticipation for Baby Baron’s arrival. We were lucky enough to score a used crib on craigslist (it came with a mattress and no recall, score) which saved us a bundle and gave me total creative control. I choose to compliment the black and white walls by painting the crib a bold teal color. We used the color Sprinkler by Valpar at Lowe’s. Not only did the crib turn out fantastic but the chair I ordered from a local boutique made its arrival this past weekend as well, perfect timing. Next up, finding linens for the crib, refinishing a side table I found and finding artwork for the walls. I’ll keep ya’ll posted.

My husband started by sanding and priming the crib for a clean slate.

It took a couple weeks to paint the crib. Primer, three coats of paint, sealer and lot's of patients gave us perfect results. Then came the tough part of remembering how it all fit back together.

Martini was great at supervising.

I was a huge help, ok not really. But I did make sure to have treats for those that put in all the hard work.

Finished crib and new chair! I can't wait to put them both to good use.

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