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I came across these darling bracelets over at The Doctor’s Closet blog the other day. Monika has put a high-end twist on the simple friendship bracelet that is too cute not to share with you all. I can remember being young and sitting around with friends making bracelets and trading them.Those were fun times and  I’m pretty sure many of you have similar memories. With the trend of bracelet stacking right now, I thought what a colorful addition one (or two) of these bracelets would make on your wrist. If I could remember how to make these myself I would give it a try but with things being so busy around here I’ll probably end up buying one. You can find these jems for sale on etsy. I can’t wait to scoop mine up before they are all gone.

These two bracelets are my currents favorites and might have to end up on my arm.


Things that make me Smile

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Very Berry Brie Appetizer served with crackers.

This summer hasn’t gotten off to a very bright or warm start here in the NW and I was beginning to find it hard to keep my spirits up. Each weekend has been passing by without many hours of sunshine and the lack of sun and time I’ve spent indoors has taken a toll on me. Also, my poor body has been working overtime to stay healthy and fight off a cold that is working very hard to stick around. Since this summer hasn’t been all that I’d hoped for, I thought it best that I take a few minutes to appreciate all the things in my life that are currently making me smile on a daily basis. 1. Baby Baron is growing like a little weed along with my belly 🙂 and I thank God everyday for this little miracle I am creating. 2. I appreciate every moment I get to spend with my husband and I know our life is about to change forever (in a good way of course). Some of the more simple nights in are becoming very important and memorable to me.  3. Doing small craft projects and using my creativity always brightens my mood. 4. Scoring good deals at Nordstrom immediately puts a smile on my face! 5. Doing anything to prepare for our little boy reminds me just how precious life really is. These are just a few things that make me smile; what puts a smile on your face?

"Missoni" inspired bird house I recently painted.

Attended the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and made a few purchases.

Finding irresistibly adorable baby clothes to purchase.

Side table I found on sale for Baby Baron's room that I plan on painting a fun color. I'm leaning towards Orange, but I'll keep ya posted.

Happy Independence Day

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Red, White and Blue Cupcakes to share with friends.

The 4th of July always brings together friends, family, good food and fireworks. This year my husband and I will be spending time with my family in Eastern Washington enjoying a BBQ and a heated Batmiton tournament (let’s just say everyone better take it easy on the pregnant girl this year, lol). As we spend time together enjoying the freedom we are so blessed with in this country, it is also time to remember those who faught and gave their lives so we may enjoy the liberties we have. I graciously give thanks those who fight and protect us daily. I feel so very blessed to be able to live here and start a family in this wonderful country.

Here’s to wishing you all a happy and safe 4th of July. It is the home of the free because of the brave. 

PS – No 4th of  July gathering is complete without some sort of patriotic treat.

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