Easter Egg Cake Bites

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Ok, so before I get started, I know Easter has come and gone and again, I know that some of you may have appreciated this post before the festivities took place. So forgive me for being WAY too busy and committing to WAY too many things. If you like these treats, change their shape and use them at your next gathering or save this idea for next year. Either way, these turned out too cute not to share.

Cake Pops and Cake Bites are all the rage these days. They are showing up everywhere including your local Starbucks and Bakerella is an entire blog dedicated to these sinful little bites (check them out they have some of the cutest ideas for treats I have ever seen). Since these are popping up everywhere (and are never gluten-free) I decided to make some of my own and why not in the shape of Easter Eggs. All you need is: 1 cake mix (I used Betty Crocker gf vanilla cake, but use whatever you fancy), 1 160z can of store bought frosting (I used Vanilla, but again, get what you like), 2 bags of chocolate melting discs in any color and sprinkles.

Step 1: Bake your cake as the box or recipe directs.

Step 2: Let the cake cool slightly and them crumble it into a large mixing bowl.

Step 3: Add entire can of frosting and combine until cake is moist.

Step 4: Shape cake balls and put in the freezer until ready to dip in chocolate. Once balls are dipped you can store them in the fridge or an airtight container until you are ready to serve.

Again, sorry for the delay on this post. We did Easter at our house this year and I just couldn’t pull this off before hand. I really hope you enjoy these delightful bites. I guarantee when you serve them you won’t hear any complaints, well you might once they are all gone:)


Horizontal Sunshine

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I have a small powder bathroom in my home that is quite narrow and hard to decorate. With tight space and simple design, I have had a hard time decorating it and being content with any decisions. You wouldn’t normally think such a small space would cause so much trouble but this room has been a source of annoyance for me. I have been looking through magazines and blogs to get some ideas and it came to me that I needed some sunshine in this room and it was only going to come from a DIY project. I’ve been known to make my own artwork in my house and this was one of those times that I knew I could get the job done and be happy with the outcome.

This room is painted a soft Toffee color with white and stainless steel accessories. I decided the best way to add some color and dimension would be to do a painting using a Chevron pattern. I went to Home Depot and purchased a piece of quarter inch veneer plywood, a few painting supplies and the paint color of my choice. I happened to have some white paint at the house from a previous project so I only needed to purchase a sample size jar of Behr Bicycle Yellow. As you can see from the pictures, I painted the wood white and then made a simple stencil to outline the lines I wanted. After I traced the stencil I was able to fill them in with the yellow. This was a very simple and totally inexpensive project. I’m pleased with the outcome and think it really gives the bathroom some much needed character.

Planning Ahead

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So I know Cinco de Mayo is still a few weeks away but I wanted to start early this year and plan out a menu for the festive day. I usually throw together some sort of traditional meal, tacos or fajitas and margaritas. As I was looking through some recipes it hit me, the best part of any Mexican meal is always the chips and salsa. With that in mind, I set out to find the perfect homemade “restaurant” style salsa recipe. I came across this recipe and tested it out on my family this weekend. Not only is it really simple, but the salsa turned out to be amazing and my mother-in-law said she likes it better than the local Mexican restaurant in town. Now that’s saying a lot since they go there every week for Taco Tuesday. Anything simple and tasty is definitely worth trying, I know your family and friends will enjoy this as much as mine does.

Spring Lust!

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Sam Edelman "Kendall" Wedge

A well structured shoe is one of the most beautiful things to me. When I see one of these beauties it’s hard for me to pass them up. This amazing Sam Edelman “Kendall” Wedge has been calling my name since the day I saw it in the latest Nordstrom catalog. The animal print is so fresh and the cut of this shoe oozes sex appeal. Not only is animal in this season but the style of this shoe makes this trend very easy to pull off. The print is not too large or overwhelming and the wood heel compliments the colors nicely. I picture wearing this shoe with a simple black Maxi dress with my hair pulled back during the day and then pairing it with some leggings and a boyfriend blazer at night. This shoe is selling out like hot cakes, so if you D-I-E for it like I do, scoop up your pair quickly.

Shift into Spring

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Image source: whowhatwear.com

A great Spring trend that is making a reappearance this season is the Shift dress. These loose, swingy dresses are easy to wear with tights and a light sweater when the weather hasn’t quite warmed up and then transitions beautifully with wedges and bangles when the sun finally does make its appearance. This look may feel a little retro and dated, but take a hint from these trend setters and add a pop of color or funky shoes to make this look your own. My personal favorite is to dress up these simple looks with fun costume jewelry or bright lipstick for a shock of color.

Here are a few dresses from Warehouse that I think are fun and can be worn in many different ways. Each of them has a different feel and can take you from day to night depending on your accessories. The Shift dress provides comfort and fashion in a simple style. Whether you are looking for a new look to wear to the office or an upcoming graduation party I think you will find that this look will take you places.

Scent of Heaven

April 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

There is absolutely nothing better than waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and homemade Cinnamon Rolls. Since I am Gluten-Free, I cannot remember the last time I had a cinnamon roll and I hate to admit it but I have never made them myself. I recently purchased Gluten Free Baking Classics, by Annalise G. Roberts and decided to put my baking skills to the test and make my grandmother proud.

Baking Gluten-Free takes a few extra steps, but if you have to live gf, you know every extra step is worth it. Click here for Annalise’s amazing Cinnamon Roll recipe.  A very important side note: to make the Brown Rice Flour Mix, combine 2 cups extra finely ground Brown rice flour with 2/3 cup Potato Starch and 1/3 cup Tapioca Flour. Measure these 3 ingredients into a large container, put the lid on and shake. This keeps the flour mixture nice and light and Annalise suggests this step so that all her baked goods turn out spectacular. She also recommends spooning the flour mixture into your dry measuring cup and then leveling. I took all of Annalise’s advice into consideration and my Cinnamon Rolls turned out absolutely divine (my husband was not at ALL disappointed). I did however make traditional Cream Cheese Frosting to finish off my rolls. It just didn’t seem right not having extra thick and sweet cream cheese frosting topping these heavenly treats.

Gluten-Free baking is somewhat of a chore but this recipe is a home run. Enjoy!

Spring into Shape

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Image souce: lululemon.com

With Spring officially here, this is the time everyone likes to set fitness goals to be ready for Summer. I wanted to take a moment and share a few tips to make reaching your goals doable and possibly take a little bit of the guess work out of it. All of us know that diet and exercise are the key to maintaining a healthy weight and fabulous looking body, but what about those last few difficult pounds that never seem to want to vanish. Here are a few simple tips to apply to your workout routine and I assure you will see a difference.

1. You must increase the intensity of your workouts (if you can carry on a conversation with a friend, you are not working hard enough).

2. Go breathless-make sure you are working to 85% of your maximum (you will know when you reach this because you will be breathless).

3. Cut out booze, processed food and reduce sodium intake to 1500mg a day (if you can’t cut the alcohol, try and reduce it to one/two times a week and watch your intake).

4. Up your intake of water to 80oz (10 8oz classes a day).

These are simple but important tips. Apply what you like and I know you will see the results in no time! HELLO Skinny Jeans!

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