Twice the Fun!

February 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

I saw this darling manicure over at The Cherry Blossom Girl blog and rushed right out to get the few things I needed to do it myself. As I have mentioned before, I adore painted tips and this twist on a french manicure was too cute to pass up. All you need to do this yourself is: base coat, top coat, two contrasting nail colors and reinforcement labels (you will find them in the office section of any store). Start by prepping nails for polish (trim, shape and swipe with nail polish remover to make sure nails are clean). Apply base coat, followed by the color you would like to be seen closes to the cuticle. Once dry, cut labels in half and apply to the base of your nail bed creating a half moon shape. When stickers are secured on your nails, apple the second nail color, painting right over the edge of the sticker. After the second color has had time to dry, remove stickers and finish nails off with top coat. It’s really that simple.

I used OPI’s Black Cherry Chutney and Revlon’s Gold Coin.




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